Mobile Phone Masts – untested, unsafe, unwanted

The IWCA has been active in the last couple of weeks on the issue of mobile masts. These masts have been springing up all over our estates with little, if any, warning and even less care for the concerns of tenants in the blocks. While Hackney Council pockets thousands every year from the phone companies, local tenants get no say in their installation and not a sniff of the cash !

The IWCA has been leafletting estates where phone masts have been put up, calling for full consultation with residents, a say in where the masts can and can’t go, and a fair share of the money gained for use in the tenants’ associations if they do go up.

Mobile phone masts have not been properly researched and that research which has been done points to dangers, especially to young children.

You can bet that if these masts were going up anywhere near the homes of the middle classes , the council would be deluged with complaints, but no, bung ’em anywhere on the estates and hope that no one notices…

Once again, a case of working class people being ignored and dumped on from a great height , in this case a couple of hundred feet.


IWCA proposals on mobile phone masts:
1. No new phone masts should be located within 100 yards of council estates or schools.
2. Ballots on every estate to see if tenants want the phone masts down. If they do, break the contract and take them down.
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