London Coalition Against Poverty Xmas Demonstration

CALL TO ACTION: Christmas Demonstration for Housing
6 – 7:30 PM
Hackney Town Hall, Mare Street E8

London Coalition Against Poverty (LCAP) will demonstrate at Hackney
Council’s Cabinet meeting on Monday the 17th of December 6pm to 7.30
pm. As Christmas day approaches its difficult to see the seasonal
spirit in Hackney’s Homeless Persons office where homeless people are
daily denied their rights and left without anywhere to go. LCAP will
demonstrate this Christmas to send a clear message to Jamie Carswell
(head of Housing strategy and deputy Mayor) that we will not tolerate
this any more. LCAP will be campaigning for change in Hackney’s
dealings with the homeless for as long as it takes.

Come to the picket, there’ll be some hot soup, and Christmas festivity.
Dress warm, bring noisemakers and mince pies if you like.

More info:

London Coalition against Poverty (LCAP) has been at Hackney Housing
Needs office since July 2007, and we have seen time and again that
homeless people are turned away unlawfully. By law some homeless
people have to be housed immediately but Hackney Council cares more
about balancing their budget through not housing people then about
their residents needs. They try to delay or stop people making a
homeless application. To achieve this the staff often act in an
intimidating and sometimes abusive way. Because of this “gate keeping”
at the housing needs office many vulnerable people and families are
left on the street or other insecure, dangerous places. When
accommodation or advice on how to find housing is offered by the
council its likely to be out of Hackney, often even out of London.
Hackney Council will be held accountable for their failure to house
Hackney’s people.

LCAP demands:

– An end to gate keeping at Hackney HPU

– Stop the intimidation of people that approach the HPU

– Genuinely affordable housing to rent in Hackney – no more people chased
out of the borough

Jamie Carswell is scrooge!
We are the ghosts of Christmas present!

Contact: 07932241737