Community Action Gathering

The first ever Community Action Gathering took place in Bethnal Green on Saturday June 18.


Organised jointly between Hackney Independent and the Haringey Solidarity Group, it was intended as to be a forum where community activists could get together and share experiences and tactics.

Over 50 people attended, including from Glasgow, Burnley, Bristol, Norwich and Ipswich.

Discussions were held on regeneration, gentrification and planning, participating in council elections, how to set up local groups and communication techniques and strategies (newsletters, mailing lists, leaflets etc), amongst much else.

No one group or individual at the event claimed a monopoly on right action, and everybody was prepared to enter into the spirit of the day by contributing positively to the various topics.

A successful event, participants expressed enthusiasm at the end for further such meetings as well as establishing more regular contact between community groups dispersed across the country.