No Rent Rises – No Repair Cuts

40+ tenants activists attended a meeting at Fellows Court on 26th February in reaction to plans by Hackney Council to increase Rents and Council Tax while cutting back on services such as repairs.

The meeting was organised by Hoxton & Haggerston Fightback to enable TRAs to come together and discuss proposals for a public enquiry into the council’s financial incompetence and their insistence that it should be the working class of the borough who once again bail them out.

A Housing Shop Steward from UNISON asked tenants not to believe the propaganda put out by Max Caller and the Labour/Tory group that all Hackney workers are drowning in £££s but did identify some who were – Max himself and his 9 (count ’em, 9) assistant directors. He also stressed the importance of involving local communities in the opposition to the cuts, which is something Hackney Independent have long been arguing for, and which was unanimously applauded.

Fred from Whiston & Goldsmith TRA put the case for a public enquiry, while Noreen from St Mary’s and Anna Maria from Kingsland TRA insisted that tenants had to resist the council’s ‘logic’ that we should all pay more to receive less.
A motion proposing a rent freeze (ie that tenants should withhold the rent increase) was put and agreed in principle. TRAs will discuss the proposals and report back on 12 March to discuss what can be done. Hackney Independent also supports the call for a public enquiry and a rent freeze. If there is widespread agreement for it on our estates we will be involved in the campaign.