Abandoned Cars Campaign

Our estates and roads have become dumping grounds for rubbish and smashed up or burnt out cars. If this was a middle class neighbourhood, the Council would shift them straight away, but instead we are stuck with these dangerous and unwanted eyesores for weeks or months.

On this page we will post up details of abandoned cars on our estates. We will contact the council departments responsible and put details here of what action has been taken. If you know of any abandoned vehicles we have missed, get in touch.

Abandoned cars update:

1st September 2002 – Haggerston West estate. Steve Tucker, Director of Housing promised to get all abandoned cars taken away during his estate walkabout in June. We’re still waiting.
Date reported: 29th December 2001

Abandoned cars on Acton Estate.
C990 DXX. Grey Honda Accord. Petrol tank open. No wheels. By 34 Scriven Court.

M343 ALD. Blue RAV 4 Jeep. Burnt out. By 34 Scriven Court.

E567 HJM. Brown Honda Legend. All windows smashed. By 8 Livermere Court.

E49 WKM. Taxed till July 2000. Tower Hamlets permit R43304, ran out March 2001. Outside 6 Scriven Court.

Date reported: 18th January 2002

Abandoned car on Acton Estate. C770 YST. Silver Honda Civic. No tax. Smashed up. In car park at the back of Scriven Court.

Date reported: 18th January 2002

Three abandoned cars on Dunston Road E8.
A704 MHG White Ford Fiesta.

Black Opel. No registration. No tax. Full of rubbish.

E868 DCN. Red Ford Fiesta. No tax. Bonnet open. Window open.

Date reported: 30th November 2001

Four abandoned cars on Dunston Road E8.
F895 WCK White Nissan Bluebird. No tax. Windows smashed in. Opposite 242-248. NOW GONE.

Burnt out blue car. Can’t id make. No reg. Under the railway bridge. NOW GONE.

White Vauxhall Nova. No reg. No tax. Front window nearly smashed in. Near Stean Street. NOW GONE.

E864 VOG. Blue Vauxhall Carlton. No tax. Rear passenger window smashed. Near Haggerston Road. NOW GONE.

Date reported: 9th December 2001

Five abandoned cars on Denne Terrace E8

H671 GLX Red Citroen BX19. Taxed till March 2001. At the corner with Haggerston Road. STILL THERE.

F183 KHJ White Mazda. No wheels. Back window smashed. By Clemson House. STILL THERE.

E325 STR. White Trafic van. No tax. By Clemson House. STILL THERE.

A704 MHG. White Ford Fiesta. Taxed till June 2000. By Clemson House. STILL THERE.

D808 FGN Blue Renault 5. No tax. By Clemson House. STILL THERE. DOOR NOW OPEN.

One more car on Dunston Road E8. J925 MKU. Blue Omega. No tax. Near Acton Mews. NOW GONE.

Reported to Pinnacle Estate Management 26th November

Two abandoned cars on the estate road south of Dunloe Street on Fellows Court.

E274 RFU. Silver Nissan Sunny. No tax. Back window missing. In the car bays outside the tall block.

Maroon Ford Orion. No registration number or tax. Burnt out. Located near the junction with Cremer Street.

Cars reported to council November 23rd

Abandoned cars by the garages on Kingsland estate 57 Hebden Court.

G890 LRH Blue/silver Ford Orion. No wheels.

F141 PGU White Volvo. No tax.

Two abandoned cars on Fellows Court. Both have no tax and their windows smashed in. They are next to each other on Appleby Street E2 by the junction with Dunloe Street.

A361 GLB Red Ford Sierrra.
D373 HMV White Mazda.

Another car on Laburnum Street E2 at the back entrance to Haggerston Pool. B406 DVX. Silver/blue Mazda. No tax. Doors open.

Cars dumped behind Hebden Court garages off Whiston Road
Put on web 2.10.01
Reported to Council 2.10.01
One car has been removed (week ending 13.10.01) but the other is still there

Car abandoned on Hebden Court car park
Put on web 2.10.01
Reported to Council 2.10.01

Car dumped under railway arches on Laburnum Street.
Put on web 25.9.01
Reported to Council 26.9.01
Council sticker states removal will be by 8th October
Still there 3 weeks after council said it would be removed. Now removed.

Car dumped outside Hebden Court garages, off Laburnum Street.
Put on web 24.9.01
Reported to Council 26.9.01
Council sticker states removal will be by 9th October but still there after 3 weeks.

Now joined by a dumped Green Ford Escort – reported to council on 1st November.
Both now removed.