Housing Association Bosses Get Huge Pay Rises

As the Labour Government pushes more and more for the total abolition of council housing, the bosses of the Housing Associations who are set to benefit, get massive pay awards. The figures below are taken from The Guardian newspaper – we’ve added the local details. Who’s benefiting from this – the tenants or those already earning a ludicrously high wage? Another report in the same paper points the finger at the new levels of bureacracy within many Housing Associations.

Pay rise details for local housing association bosses:

Tony Shoults of Metropolitan Housing Trust – who make up half of Canalside, the developers of Haggerston East and Whitmore gets an 8.1% pay rise taking him to £92855.

Richard McCarthy, who with the Peabody Trust brought us the Glasshouse on Murray Grove (rents now start at £160 per week) and Cremer Street (£200 a week) is on £114022 a week,a 15.2% pay rise.

Michael Morris of the William Sutton Trust gets a 7.8% pay rise taking him to £97,000. Tenants on the Sutton Estate by Old Street will no doubt be interested in seeing if he breaks the £100,000 a year barrier next year.

The average Chief Exec pay in the top 100 housing associations is now £88,000.

Fury over housing bosses’ fat cat salaries