Decent Homes Not Luxury Flats!

Hackney Independent Working Class Association (Hackney Independent as of summer 2004) held a protest last night to highlight Hackney Council’s attempts to “socially cleanse” the borough. Supporters of Hackney IWCA protested on Pitfield Street, Hoxton over a new private development next to Aske House.

Hackney IWCA spokesman Peter Sutton said “Hackney Council should be providing housing for its working class majority, not allowing luxury developments to take over our areas. Our councillors want people who will pay high council tax, not claim benefits and not use services. They prefer them to the people who claim benefits and make use of services. They are also more likely to vote Labour – and aren’t affected by all the cuts.

The people who move into these developments can afford to buy their own services and the council is systematically cutting provision for the rest of us who can’t afford it. Developments like this are designed to help clear out working class people and replace them with New Labour voters. We can’t let them get away with it.”

Peter Sutton and Carl Taylor of Hackney IWCA

IWCA supporters protesting at the new development