Junk the jargon

Letter in Guardian Society 19th December 2001

It’s good to see that to encourage black and ethnic minority (BME) involvement in regeneration in Lambeth, the jargon is to be junked in favour of plain English (Ethnic barrier, December 12). Now how about the rest of us?

As a member of an organisation concerned about the impact of regeneration/gentrification on working class people of all races in Hackney, I would like to make it known to housing minister Lord Falconer that it’s not just BMEs who are disadvantaged by not understanding the often euphemistic nonsense spouted by New Labour clones in their rush to socially cleanse deprived areas of their working class majorities.

Plain English would be of assistance to us all. Better still, a bullsh*t detector.

Carl Taylor
Hackney Independent Working Class Association