Children's Campaign to Save Laburnum

The following news update was sent by the Campaign to Save Laburnum Primary


The children at Laburnum were incensed at the news of the proposed closure and decided to do something about it. The children have been actively involved in the action to save the school. Firstly, they made a petition and distributed it to their peers in all the classes.These they took home and returned filled the next day;asking for further petition sheets to take home. The response from children,parents and friends was overwhelming.Letters were written by the pupils and sent to the Hackney Gazette and one was published three weeks ago.


This has been followed by a rolling campaign of letter writing to selected MP’s, councilors and other key educationalists. The week before last letters, cards and petitions by the children were sent to Brian Sedgemore (MP). Last week Mike Tomlinson recieved more of the same. This week Diane Abbot will be recieving the same.


The children have made posters and two large banners, one of which is currently hanging at the front of the school. The children have also formed a save laburnum children’s committee that meets weekly to update and plan further action. The children have been writing their persausive letters and are now writing poetry and a newsletter for distribution.


The children are intending to go and interview various officials regarding the proposed closure of Laburnum. They are preparing large banners and posters for a demonstration on the town hall. They are also planning to produce photographs and a video to support their campaign. This information will be updated on a weekly basis.