Citizens Advice Bureaus Face Closure

From the HackneyNot4Sale Campaign (contact them at allsorts@gn.apc)


Following on from actual and proposed cuts in their grant from Hackney Council, CAB in Hackney is facing the very real prospect of closure.


The grant is to be cut by 40% in total, leaving CAB in an impossible operating position.


Having just received provisional notices of redundancy, Mare Street Bureau Manager Nick Prince and his staff are at a loss to understand the logic behind such cuts.


The bureaux in Hackney assist clients in dealing with over 20,000 issues every year and just CAB’s debt and benefits work with clients alone, contributes over £250,000 per annum to Hackney Council’s revenue! The CAB is simply the means by which the Community of Hackney helps itself, in times of crisis.


The service is essential and irreplaceable and cuts are a “false economy”.

Please help CAB to continue it’s vital work, by giving your support through contacting Max Caller now at Hackney Council on 020 8356 5000.

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