Protest Postcard Launched by Laburnum School Campaign

Parents, children and community campaigners launched a new postcard on Saturday 3rd August as part of their campaign to save Laburnum Primary School.

“The Council haven’t told anyone they are looking to close the school, and this is meant to be the consultation period,” said Sharon Bender, mother of Cain Lowe, 11. “I’ve had nothing through from the Council. It’s only because I’ve read in the Gazette or the Hackney Independent or been told by the Governors. This isn’t consultation.”


Community campaigner Peter Sutton, who gained 595 votes on behalf of the Independent Working Class Association (Hackney Independent) in Haggerston Ward in the Council elections in May added, “As usual Hackney Council consultations are a farce. There have been no meetings and no information. Labour might think they can close Laburnum School quietly, but the kids, parents and the wider community in Haggerston will fight this all the way.”


The Save Laburnum School campaign have now printed up thousands of postcards and are asking supporters to send them in to the Council demanding that the school stays open.


Anyone wanting to help the campaign can get in touch by ringing Carl Taylor on (020) 7684 1743.