"Exciting improvements to Hackney Leisure Centres"

Hackney IWCA response to Council press release “Exciting improvements to Hackney Leisure Centres”


Hackney IWCA (Hackney Independent as of summer 2004) has a track record of campaigning for improved community facilities in the South of the Borough. We are currently involved in campaigns to save Laburnum School and to re-open Haggerston Pool and are actively supporting campaigns to save the Haggerston 1 O’clock Club, the Shoreditch Centre and the Apples and Pears Adventure Playground.


“We welcome the long overdue improvements now to be made to the swimming facilities at Britannia and Kings Hall. However we are concerned about how they are going to be paid for,” said Hackney Independent spokesman Peter Sutton. “Labour has only got one solution to any problem – privatise it. They are a one-trick pony.”


”Large parts of Britannia and Kings Hall are going to be turned into private gyms. Are these always going to be affordable to all sections of our community? In particular if young people are priced out of these facilities are they not more likely to get drawn into crime and anti-social behaviour?”


Hackney IWCA’s (Hackney Independent as of summer 2004) Carl Taylor, who came just 90 votes short of winning a council seat in Haggerston in the May elections slammed the Council statement for not mentioning the continued closure of Haggerston Pool. “It is a scandal that this community facility is lying empty while our Labour Council does nothing about it.”


“Councillor Nicholson claims that there has been ‘extensive consultation with residents’, but who asked you about bringing in private gyms and who asked you about keeping Haggerston Pool closed?”