Laburnum School Faces Closure Despite Cash Injection for Hackney

As regulars to this site and readers of the Hackney Independent will know, the IWCA have been heavily involved in the fight to keep Laburnum School open. It now looks as though the school will close but there could be a twist in the tail (which we hope to be able to give you more details about in the very near future).

A vote last month at the Learning Trust, the largely unaccountable organisation which runs Hackney’s schools, was passed to close the school, despite the fact that the school had improved enough to be taken off “special measures”. On top of this, the Hackney Gazette last week revealed that nearly £4 million of new money has been handed to the borough for education which makes you wonder what priorities the council has.

The campaign to keep the school open will go on and we will keep you posted with latest developments as they arise.