From Hackney IWCA To Hackney Independent

We were previously a branch of the Independent Working Class Association (IWCA).

At the IWCA AGM in October 2004 it became clear that there were a number of differences between us and the rest of the organisation in terms of strategy and the way forward. We have subsequently decided to leave the IWCA.

Both the IWCA and those of us in Hackney remain committed to working class community politics.

We will now be working under the “Hackney Independent” banner. This website will be updated accordingly in the next few weeks.

Hackney Independent will continue with its work on the ground and we have a number of initiatives going on right now. If anyone reading this lives in Hackney and likes what we do, then they are very welcome to get in touch and talk about getting involved. We are also interested in working with people from other areas who are involved in working class community politics – or would like to be.

We remain committed to the ideas of working class independence and working class rule in working class areas.