Audit Commission: Hackney goes from "weak" to "poor"

Reports of big improvements in Hackney Council services have been hugely exagerated. The Audit Commission say the council is now officially “weak” instead of “poor.” There is only one “poor” council according to this week’s ‘Comprehensive Performance Assessment’ and that is John Prescott’s home council in Hull.

Hackney Independent’s Peter Sutton commented “Those with long memories in Hackney will remember when our council’s slogan was ‘Working for local people.’ They haven’t dared to use that one for a long time. Maybe ‘Better than Hull’ could be the new slogan?”

Peter Sutton also stated that the Audit Commission were not living in the real world. “I challenge them to set foot outside their offices and to show us where these improvements are. Try living on a council estate, attending a Hackney school or relying on Hackney social services before telling us how much things are getting better.”

And things will never get better while we have Labour councillors who put the interests of the new middle class settlers before the needs of the working class majority.