Hoxton Independent?

Hackney Independent has been going out across Shoreditch since 1999. In that time we have:

  • opposed Council plans to cut, close or sell-off our essential services and facilities
  • played a part in some victories like getting rid of ITNET
  • supported the parents, kids and staff at Apples and Pears adventure playground who fought off council plans to build flats on their site

We have had some defeats like the closure of Laburnum school. Other campaigns, like to re-open Haggerston Pool are still going on. We have established the Independent Kids Cinema and run benefits and repairs advice surgeries.

And we have marked out as being different from any other political organisation in two important ways.

  • we keep going every month of the year and don’t just turn up when there is an election
  • we go door to door asking your opinions rather than try to tell you what you should think.

In 2002 we stood for election in Haggerston Ward and got 610 votes – just 90 short of beating Labour. We have built on that in Haggerston with advice surgeries, kids film shows, campaigns for Laburnum School and against privatising estate management. We have support and contacts on every estate in the Ward. While we have some support in Hoxton we are writing this appeal to Hoxton tenants and leaseholders to come forward if you want to help build a stronger independent force in Hoxton.

Should Hoxton rely on the Labour Party? Or should we build an independent force to campaign for repairs to our estates, facilities for our young people and to look at community solutions to the problems of anti-social behaviour? Hoxton, it’s up to you. Get in touch. Hoxton tenants and leaseholders: do you want an independent force in Hoxton? or should we leave it to the Labour Party?