Haggerston School Scandal Update

The following email was received by Hackney Independent in relation to the current plans for Haggerston School.

For further details on the council plans read this article here

We will keep you updated on developments as and when they happen.

Hands off Haggerston School say the pupils

‘Building work has started at Haggerston school after planning permission was granted without the normal consultation with local residents.

A massive sports center and floodlit pitch is being built, while the sports pitch across the road in Haggerston Park has been shut down because the council cannot spend the £6,200 quoted to maintain the all weather surface.

Hackney knows that the school will be more attractive to outside investors once it has a spanking new sports facility.

Very few sports are played at the school despite the fact they have a huge playground and a big park just across the road.

Planning permission was given for the new sports centre without any info being given to local residents. The council claims 85 letters were sent out and no objections received, but no one can be found in the three streets most affected — Dunloe Street, Dawson Street or Scawfell Street who remembers receiving a letter. The council has a list of every letter they claim to have sent, but this does not tally with the memory of people who definitely did not receive them.’