Hackney Independent Film Day

Hackney Independent invites you… down the pub to the Sussex! On Sunday, November 20, we’ll be holding our 2005 Film Day – and what an extravagance we have lined up! We’ve unearthed some real working class gems from the past and present.

Their World This Time – 1998

A film about the post-World War Two housing crisis, the squatting movement and the requisitioning of empty property.

Not a Penny on the Rents – 1968

How GLC (Greater London Council) tenants first organised Tenants’ Associations and conducted the first rent strikes against council rent rises.

Who Cares? 1971

Examines the problems of slum demolition and removal of people to new housing blocks, letting the residents speak for themselves. It comments on the need for playschools and community centres, but makes the plea that future planning should take into consideration the feelings and opinions of the working class concerned

Behind the Rent Strike – 1974

This Grierson Award-winning film deals with the rent strike undertaken by 3,000 Kirby New Town tenants, shortly before Christmas 1973, as a protest against the Housing Finance Bill.

The two short films above were made by Nick Broomfield who has gone onto international fame with such productions as Biggie & Tupac, Kurt & Courtney and Aileen – Life and Death of a Serial Killer. These are not commercially available and this may be your only chance to see them.

All that Glitters – 2004

Produced before the announcement of the successful bid, the documentary explores what might happen if the Olympics comes to London. It looks at the broken promises of the 1980s Docklands development and the almost identical pro-Olympic claims and promises

The producer of this film, Naomi Rodriguez, will be delivering a short introduction

Plus more films to be announced on the day.

2.00PM until late
Sussex Pub, 107a Culford Rd, London, N1 4HT
£2entry Sunday November 20
Nearest station: Dalston Kingsland

Film Day Flyer (pdf)