Developers evict cafe protesters

BBC News

Protesters who locked themselves inside a cafe for four weeks to save it from demolition have been evicted.

Builders started knocking down Tony’s Cafe in Broadway Market, Hackney, shortly after protesters were forced to leave just before dawn.

Residents fear that the popular cafe will be turned into luxury flats as part of the area’s “gentrification”.

Hackney Council told BBC London that they sold the property some years ago to help clear its debts.

Campaigners say the cafe is a institution in the community.

“People are sick of very little being done for low-income families,” said campaigner David Stanton, who said other properties were under threat.

“This is something that’s not going away and the council knows it.”

“It’s for the rich,” said Betty Shanks.

“I’m ashamed that the council, who say they’re for the working class, can come and along and take the cafe away.”