Update of the Occupation of 34 Broadway Market

This is an update on the occupation of 34 Broadway Market which Hackney Independent fully supports.


7th December 2005
Once again, thank you to everyone who has been supporting the occupation. Many local people and traders have been giving donations, food and other useful items to help us continue protecting the building. We have collected over 500 signatures on our petition so far. Also we have had a lot of support from local estates – thank you to everyone who has put flyers round their estate.

Wiston and Goldsmiths TRA are formally offering full support to the protest at their committee meeting tonight and have already asked us if they can donate food to the occupation!

This occupation has been covered in today’s Guardian – it is the front page story on the G2 section. The Evening Standard are running a piece tonight, BBC London are picking up the story today and Channel 4 News and the Financial Times have also expressed interest in covering the situation.

Just to remind everyone that our court hearing is on Friday at 10.30am. Our supporters are invited to come down to the court which is at 19 Leonard Street EC2. It would be good to meet outside the court at 10.00am.

Tony has applied for legal aid for a Judicial Review of the planning
consent for flats – the planning consent which caused him to be evicted and paved the way for the demolition of the cafe.

 The Judicial Review will be to examine how planning consent was given by Hackney Council without referring to the proper planning committee. Hackney have recently looked at the planning decision but have so far decided they are not going to revoke it.
In addition, Tony’s solicitors are looking into getting an injunction to stop the court case on Friday on the grounds that the possession hearing will prejudice the powers of the High Court to examine the validity of the planning consent.

We have been informed that, following our protest, the Metropolitan Police Fraud Squad are ‘re-opening’ their investigation into the council commercial property sales in Hackney.