Appeal for Assistance

The following has today been issued as a press release




On 1st July 2005, Mr. Calogero ‘Tony’ Platia was evicted from the cafe which he had operated at 34 Broadway Market, London E8 for 31 years.  This eviction took place in the early morning, following 3 previous failed attempts.



This arose as a result of an Eviction Warrant being issued after Mr. Platia unsuccessfully sought a lease extension at the premises which had been sold to a property developer by the former freeholders – London Borough of Hackney. The lease renewal application was unsuccessful as the developer convinced the Court that he had proper planning consents in place, both to demolish the existing building in a conservation area and to build a 4 storey plus basement building on the site. Subsequent inquiries showed that a Planning Application for permission to demolish was applied for 7 days after the Court rejected Tony’s lease renewal claim.




There followed a series of legal cases where attempts were made to overturn the previous Court Orders, but to no avail.



Having gained possession of the cafe last July, efforts were made to prevent the demolition and the building was occupied on 27th November 2005 by a group of local protesters. Police and High Court Sheriffs evicted the occupiers on 21st December and began demolishing the building, until Health and Saftey stopped them. On 26th December protesters re-entered and rebuilt the damaged building. A massive operation by police and High Court Sheriffs recovered the building on 23rd February 2006. The premises have now been totally demolished, with the front wall at ground floor level being the only remaining structure. Further action is likely in the near future!


Having taken away Tony’s business, his home – and now the entire building – the developer – Dr. Roger Wratten, has taken further Court action and has seized bank accounts held in Tony Platia’s name to make Tony pay Dr. Wratten the legal costs associatied with the destruction of his business and premises.



But the £6,200 seized by this action was actually the property of Tony’s grand daughter, being part of £ 10,000 banked for her future financial security when she was born 9 years ago.



Every attempt has been made to encourage Dr. Wratten to see that this is wholly unacceptable and to reconsider his decision. Those attempts have failed.



Dr. Wratten expects Tony – and Francesca aged 9 – to attend at Court on 10th and 19th April to beg for the money back.



An appeal on behalf of little Francesca will be launched in Broadway Market, E8 on 25th and 26th March.  If necessary, this will continue until and through the weekend of 1st and 2nd April.


If we are able to raise the £6,200 which Dr. Wratten stole from Francesca, a statement will be lodged with the Court inviting Dr. Wratten to add the money to the estimated £40 million which he is already worth and to enjoy spending his ill-gotten gains.


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Arthur Shuter