Vehicle Theft

Sheriff’s Officers arrived in Broadway Market at approximately 10.45 hours today and removed a Mitsibushi Shogun vehicle – regn: mark H836 FOY.

According to the Sheriff (who evicted the occupiers on 21/12/05 and 23/02/06 from 34 Broadway Market) he was acting on orders from Dr. Wratten who claims that he is still owed £14,000 in Court costs by Calogero Platia, and that he was ‘only doing his job’.
Surely, part of ‘doing his job’ involves ensuring that he is acting lawfully and that should include ensuring – before acting – that any possessions (goods and chattels) being removed actually belong to the person who is the subject of a Court Order.
Had he correctly done his job, he would have found that the vehicle concerned does not belong to Calogero Platia.
Such actions will, of course, damage the reputation of the Sheriff’s Officer, both in terms of his professionalism and his impartiality. This will be taken into account in future.
In the meantime, we would invite all relevant parties to make the necessary inquiries and to ensure that the vehicle in question is returned to the point from which it was taken immediately.


Failing this, formal allegations of theft will be made against the Sheriff’s Officer and against Dr. Wratten, and any other culpable party.