Open Olympic Forum

Those who are critical of the way that the 2012 Olympics is affecting their Borough would like to share their experiences with like-minded people from the other Boroughs who are feeling the Olympic effect.


Some of us are facing planning deadlines and need support.


Some of us are predicting worse road transport hold-ups in a local system which is barely able to cope.


Some of us are dismayed at the speed with which promises about respecting and enhancing local common land and open spaces have been broken.


Some of us are anxious about the effect of rising property prices upon the affordability of the local housing market.


Some of us do not believe that promises about the skills training being planned will significantly improve the employment prospects of the local unemployed.


Some of us are concerned that the process of being consulted leaves us with the empty feeling of not being taken seriously.


Instead of ‘being consulted’ by the planners about their agenda we would like to consult each other in order to clarify what our agenda is and what our indepenedent responses should be. We want to make contact in person and network.


To begin this process a number of activists from the East End met together recently in Hackney and decided to organise a series of meetings in each Olympic Borough.


The next meeting will be on Monday December 4th at 7.30 at the Hornbeam Centre 458 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17 (near Bakers Arms. 1st left up Hoe St on the corner of Bakers Avenue) Tel 020 8558 6880