Jolly good show! Sue Foster wins award in Hackney

It’s nice to read that Sue Foster, Head of Planning in Hackney, has received an OBE in the New Years Honours list.

“There were very serious failures, with delays in taking action of several years. It is fair to say the planning department was in a state of complete disarray”

To be including in the Order of the British Empire in this day and age is a truly super achievement, and as “our boy’s” fight to defend the North West Frontier in Afghanistan and bring “civilization” to the people of Iraq, it is only fit that those on the frontline in Hackney are also awarded equal acknowledgement for their marvellous good work.
Only some though may be a little perplexed at this award when the Local Government Ombudsman issued a report on December 22, 2006 that “heavily criticised” Hackney council’s Planning Department.
Indeed, they declared that “complete disarray” ruled in the Planning Department and unauthorised development within the borough is “endemic”.

It looks like she was nominated for this award by the council’s Chief Executive and Returning Officer, Penny Thompson – which is nice and cosy.

Of course, Hackney council responds by saying that matters are now improving, but as New Labour sing, things can only get better.

As for Sue Foster, considering that Naseem Hamed has just had his MBE revoked, may we too look for similar action from the Crown towards certain subjects of the British Empire in Hackney?

For the full Local Government Ombudsman report click on here: