London Coalition Against Poverty Halloween Demonstration Hackney Town Hall

London Coalition Against Poverty and others will be picketing the Hackney Council meeting this Halloween (Wednesday 31 October, 6pm for meeting starting at 7pm) to tell the Council that they will no longer be able deny homeless people their rights.

London Coalition against Poverty (LCAP) has had a presence at Hackney Housing Needs office since July 2007, and we have seen time and again that homeless people are turned away unlawfully.

Hackney Council cares more about balancing their budget then about their residents needs. To spend less money they try to delay or stop people making a homeless application. Because of this “gate keeping” at the housing needs office many vulnerable people and families are left on the street or other insecure, dangerous places.

Tonight LCAP demands:

An end to Gate Keeping at the Housing Office: House everyone eligible

Really affordable housing to rent in Hackney: No more people chased out of
the Borough!

LCAP will continue to haunt Hackney Council until these changes are made.