Hanover in Hackney Housing Association – new ploy to evict OAPs

Further to our report about the attempt by Hanover in Hackney (HiH) to sell off Bayton Court sheltered housing for the elderly, London Fields, for posh flats (see 2007 News), having been forced to withdraw their original planning application following a heated public meeting in June, they’re back for another go…

It seems that Hanover in Hackney – given the responsibility by Hackney Council to run its sheltered housing units – just can’t ignore the fact that prime building space on London Fields is worth a hell of a lot more than the OAPs they are supposed to be caring for.  This time they hope that the council will agree with their plans to kick the elderly tenants out of their homes and build sixteen houses.

Last June’s public meeting organised by OPENDalston, and attended by residents and their families and members of Blackstone Estate TRA, shamed HiH into backing down from their transparently greedy plans to make large amounts of cash at the expense of their vulnerable residents. They should be forced to back down this time too; but don’t rely on local Labour Councillors – last year they sat on the fence.  Could it be because Cllr Emma Plouviez is a member of HiH???