Hoxton By-Election: Now to build upon the foundations

Tony Butler – Hackney Independent’s Hoxton By-Election Candidate May 2005

After a hard-fought campaign, the Labour Party won the Hoxton ward by-election on May 5th. The Hackney Independent candidate, Tony Butler, picked up a respectable 310 votes. Coinciding with the General Election on the same day, it was hard to compete on a local level when both the Sun and the Mirror had front-page splashes calling for a Labour vote.

Labour won this time, but we will be watching them over the coming year and reporting back to you. As promised on the doorstep, Hackney Independent and Tony Butler will not be going away after May 5th. The campaigning continues, election or not.

Tony Butler and Hackney Independent would like to thank everyone who supported us. Look out for the next Hackney Independent newsletter and future plans for a Kids Cinema Club and advice surgery.

Hoxton Independent? – Newsletter article from before the by-election was announced, March 2005

First Leaflet – “I’ll take on Hackney Council” – Hoxton man Tony Butler leads Hackney Independent challenge to New Labour (pdf)

Second Leaflet – Somebody Worth Voting For / Five Reasons to Vote for Tony Butler (pdf)


Jonathan McShane (Labour) 1443
Alexander Ellis (Conservative) 649
Sylvia Anderson (Liberal Democrat) 586
William Butler (Hackney Independent) 310
Cedric Knight (Green) 201
Dean Ryan (Respect) 113